FHA Streamline Refinance Checklist - Steps To Getting Approved

The First Step is to Determine if You Are Eligible For This Program

The Basic Eligibility Guidelines are as follows:

1. Must Currently Have an FHA Insured Loan

2. Current Illinois FHA Loan Must Have Been ‘Endorsed’ on or before May 31st, 2009

3. Have Not Refinanced Your Illinois Loan Within the Previous 6 Months

4. You Must Realize Tangible Benefit From Refinancing Your Illinois FHA Loan

5. No Late Mortgage Payments in the Last 12 Months

To Have Us Confirm Your Eligibility, Complete The FHA Streamline Analysis Form Here

If you have already submitted an Eligibility Form, please move to Step 2.

Submit Your Personal Information By 
Completing Our Secure Online Application

Gather The Following Documents

  • Copy of Original Note: will be in previous loan closing package
  • Copy of Current Mortgage Payment Coupon/Statement: if not available, copy of year end mortgage statement or you can obtain a copy online from your current lender
  • Current Homeowner’s Insurance Declaration Page: need the page that reflects the premium
  • Copy of Existing Survey: One page rendering of lot and house will be in prior closed loan package
  • Driver’s License & Social Security Card: need a copy for all borrowers on note
  • Proof of Assets if Needed for Taxes & Insurance: checking/savings statements all pages
  • Copy of previous two years’ W-2 forms and a full month’s income in pay stubs

These are the basic documents needed in order to complete a typical FHA streamline refinance. This list may vary slightly on a case by case basis. By gathering these documents you will be properly prepared to insure a truly "streamline" refinance of your FHA loan.

Fax or scan all the items from Step 3 to me at:

Fax: 847-885-8007 or Scan to mloans@hotmail.com
or Call Me at 847-885-2020 for other options

An important thing to remember is that your papers must be absolutely current, valid and in order. Failure to enclose even one minor document can disqualify you. When going to submit your papers, make sure that you carry all originals that may be verified against enclosed copies if required. These include bank statements, check stubs and all assorted loan papers which the authorities have every right to check and may ask from time to time while processing your application.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call my office at 847-885-2020 or email me at mloans@hotmail.com . I am here for you!

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